Create Colored "Do-It-Yourself" Maps of Mexico

Want A Free Custom Color-Coded Map of Mexico?

Illustrate your message with color-coded maps of states of Mexico

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Short "how-to": If you already know of some states you'd like to display on a color-coded map of Mexico, fill out the form below. The result will be a gif file image which can be printed or saved to a file for later use.

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Enter a title for your map:

Select Group I's color:

Select Group II's color:

Select Group III's color:

Select Group IV's color:

Select Group V's color:

Select Group VI's color:

Enter label - Group I:

Enter label - Group II:

Enter label - Group III:

Enter label - Group IV:

Enter label - Group V:

Enter label - Group VI:

And, select the color you want for Text:

Before selecting states, enter any text you wish to be used as "Notes":

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Now, select the states. (And here's some help on selecting multiple states.)

Group I states:

Group II states:

Group III states:

Group IV states:

Group V states:

Group VI states:

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Who Can Best Use This Map Utility ...

In interpreting and illustrating events taking place in some locations and not others, the use of shaded or "colorized" maps can be useful. This webform allows you to choose up to six different groupings of counties - along with your title, choice of colors and labels. A computer program will then draw a Mexico map (as a "gif" format file) with your groupings shown in the selected colors. The map can then either be printed or saved and used later.

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