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Free Do It Yourself Color-Coded US Map

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Short "how-to": If you know of some states you'd like to display on a color-contrasted US map, fill out the form below. The result will be a gif file image which can be printed or saved to a file for later use.

1. Start by entering a title for your map:

2. Now, select up to 12 different colors (shades) to represent 12 different groups of states:

Select Group 1's shading color:

Select Group 2's shading color:

Select Group 3's shading color:

Select Group 4's shading color:

Select Group 5's shading color:

Select Group 6's shading color:

Select Group 7's shading color:

Select Group 8's shading color:

Select Group 9's shading color:

Select Group 10's shading color:

Select Group 11's shading color:

Select Group 12's shading color:

3. Enter labels for each group:

Enter a label for Group 1:

Enter a label for Group 2:

Enter a label for Group 3:

Enter a label for Group 4:

Enter a label for Group 5:

Enter a label for Group 6:

Enter a label for Group 7:

Enter a label for Group 8:

Enter a label for Group 9:

Enter a label for Group 10:

Enter a label for Group 11:

Enter a label for Group 12:

4. And, select the color you want for Text:

5. Before selecting states, enter any text you wish to be used as "Notes":

6. Now, select the states. (And here's some help on selecting multiple states.)

Group 1 states:

Group 2 states:

Group 3 states:

Group 4 states:

Group 5 states:

Group 6 states:

Group 7 states:

Group 8 states:

Group 9 states:

Group 10 states:

Group 11 states:

Group 12 states:

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Who Can Best Use This Map Utility ...

In interpreting and illustrating events taking place in some locations and not others, the use of shaded or "color-contrasted" maps can be useful. This webform allows you to choose up to twelve different groupings of states - along with your title, choice of colors and labels. An application will then draw a US map (as a "gif" format file) with your groupings shown in the selected colors. The map can then either be printed or saved and used later.

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